Domestic Package

Your home and the contents therein are some of the most important assets to your family. It is your dream home, your best investment. What would happen if they were to be destroyed and everything is lost?
The domestic package is an insurance policy that provides cover to individuals against risks present in their private dwelling. The package has several sections under one policy to cater for different items in private homes.

Building SectionContents SectionAll Risks SectionDomestic Workers SectionOwners & Occupiers Liability SectionAdditional free benefits
Buildings are covered against loss resulting from fire, lightning, earthquake, storm, flood, burglary, accidental impact on th building, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, escape of water from storage facilities, falling trees, riot and strike, explosion from domestic gas cylinders, impact from aircrafts and other aerial devices.
Provides cover for loss or damage of all household items excluding those covered in the all risk section
This part will provide cover for loss or damage to the following specified personal effects against all risks unless specifically excluded. Camera, mobile phones, laptops, jewelry, spectacles, IPADs, LED & Plasma TVs, hearing aids, electrical installations eg DSTV, alarm systems etc
This will provide cover against to your employees for accidental death or bodily injury whilst in the course of their work duties including medical expenses and funeral expenses
This will provide cover that may arise from bodily injury or damage to property in connection with the ownership and/or occupation of the residence by the insured or his household
  • Cost of alternative accommodation following an insured event not exceeding 10% of sum insured
  • Initial payment of 10% of value of contents to the affected insured in the event of fire
  • Forced ATM withdrawal- 10,000
  • Guest and Personal Effects- 10,000
  • Pedal Cycle including Liability- 100,000 with Nil excess
  • Deep Freezer Contents- 20,000
  • Cost of debris removal following a fire up to Kshs. 200000
  • 10% cash back for paid premiums after three years if the first three years are without a claim


There are many risks that your home and the contents therein are exposed to. Think of fire, falling trees, earthquake, lightning, flood from water tanks and pipes, damage by road vehicles, theft, accidental damage to your electronics, injury at home to your domestic servants, Injury to visitors to your home. How about alternative accommodation when your home is made inhabitable by any of the above mentioned risk? imagine the inconvenience of looking for alternative accommodation and the costs involved.

The Fidelity Shield Domestic Package is what you need

  • Competitive premiums
  • Fast claims service
  • Professional advice

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