Corporate social responsibility

Giving back to the society forms one of the pillars of our Company. As a company we have identified various areas in Education, Environment, Sports and Health in which we can support the society we thrive in. We conduct our business with care for the environment by supporting activities that minimise the degradation of our natural heritage. The Company to do this, sets aside a proportion of its gross income to social responsibility issues. This, the company seeks to entrench in its system by having a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

The Company already sponsors numerous events and activities that support social causes including a number of charity sporting events, education of the needy and provision of foodstuff and other facilities to the community. Among the sponsored activities during the year were:

  • Cerebral Palsy Annual Charity Walk to raise funds And Adopt a Child
  • Food to over one thousand children in a programme for religious and charitable institutions
  • Rehabilitation of a clinic for the Association for the Physically Handicapped
  • Sponsorship of a medical camp at Oshwal Centre
  • SICS Annual Cricket Games