7 Things To Do If You Find A Car Accident On The Motorway

April 15 2015

Envisage, you’re driving on a motorway, and are returning from a family holiday or a business tour when all of a sudden you find yourself indulged in a motorway accident. Whilst this is one of the most stressful situation that can happen to anybody, you are required to know a few things in order to make sure you take the right steps at that time concerning your health, safety, and insurance information.

1. Stay calm. Calming down allows you to have a look around and figure out what actually happened. Get each person out of the vehicles, and make sure everyone is not badly wounded. If anyone is severely injured, call an ambulance. Call the police as well. Either you could use your cell phone, or a roadside emergency box for informing police or calling the ambulance.

2. If possible, warn the approaching traffic on both sides of the road about the accident s so as to avoid further damage. Turn on hazard lights if they still function, and in case they don’t and your accident site is around a curve, then get the vehicles off the road if you can, or have someone stand before the curve to warn people.

3. If as a result of the accident there is leakage of petrol or any other fluids from the vehicle, shift people away from it right away as it could burst into flames. If somebody is in it, try and get them out of the vehicle, but not at the cost of your own life.

4. Do not move injured people around unless there is risk of a fire. There could be broken bones, internal bleeding, or something else you could make worse by moving them. Leave them where they are, and wait for the ambulance.

5. If you have a camera, take pictures of the cars so you can use this as evidence in case of an insurance claim. Exchange information with the other driver, and make sure you remember clear details of what exactly happened. Get the license plate number of the other car as well. Talk to the witnesses and get their names and numbers so you can contact them later on if required. Do not admit fault or discuss the accident with the other driver involved, as anything you say could be used against you.

6. As the authorities are able to make it to the site, give them complete information leaving nothing out voluntarily. This would help them in making a report of all that happened. This report could be used as evidence in case of an insurance claim. Make sure that you are present at the site till this step is complete.

7. Once you are able to get home, call your insurance agent and notify him or her of the situation. Send over pictures and a report of the incident, and meet up with them to discuss further steps. You would either file a claim with your own insurance company, or ask the other driver’s company to pay the damages in case the accident was not your mistake. Discuss this with you agent.

This information would help you in taking the right steps in case of an accident in order to stay safe and get possible compensation for it afterwards.

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