Marine Insurance FAQs

What is Marine Cargo Insurance (MCI)?
Marine Cargo Insurance policy provides indemnity against loss or damage for goods being transported by sea or air and incidental land transportation
Why implement the local MCI in Kenya now?
The insurance cover should be taken by an individual or a corporate to protect their lives and assets in case of loss/damage.
Whom can I contact if I want to take an insurance cover?
Local MCI implementation in Kenya is in compliance with the 2016/2017 budget policy statement and also the Insurance Act Cap 487 section 20 (1) that requires that all marine insurance should be procured locally.
What is the commencement date for the implementation of local MCI?
The local MCI takes effect from January 01, 2017. Cargo shipped on or after 1st January 2017 will be subject to local MCI.
How do I get my local MCI certificate from January 1, 2017?
Step I Go to Fidelity Insurance Website to access the Marine Insurance Portal to get a quotation or contact your insurance agent/broker to request for a quote on your behalf from Fidelity Insurance. Step II The client or their clearing agent will log into the Kentrade system portal and access the marine cargo insurance (MCI) management link. The system will automatically create a Unique Consignment Reference (UCR). They will proceed to MCI application by providing key information. The system is user friendly and will offer required assistance KenTrade system will automatically alert the preferred insurance company (Fidelity Insurance), who will issue the MCI certificate immediately.The insurer will then upload the MCI certificate into the KenTrade system and click ‘SUBMIT’. This will automatically change the status of the MCI application in the system to ‘ACCEPTED’. -KRA will then be able to view or access the MCI certificate on their Simba system – through or using the UCR link. KenTrade has been training insurers, clearing agents etc. and allocating passwords and can be contacted for any assistance.
Why am I required to submit the MCI certificate on Kenya Trade Net System yet I already have a hardcopy certificate?
The MCI application through the Kenya TradeNet System is intended to allow KRA and any other Government Agency to view the MCI certificate electronically in the course of cargo clearance. The MCI will appear in the UCR link. This eliminates the need for manual distributions of MCIs which is costly and inefficient.
How do I handle cargo that is already en route to the port of destination after December 31, 2016?
The Directive is applicable for any new shipments with effect from 1st January 2017. Considerations will be made on cargo that is already in the high seas before the deadline. Any cargo shipped on or after 1st January are subject to local MCI.
What Modes of transport does MCI cover?
Local MCI requirement covers all imports to Kenya regardless of the mode of transport.